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Bait ‘Til Late is a local, family-owned company. We love to share our passion for fishing with others. Our mission is to provide anglers with great quality fishing bait, available 24/7 through our convenient and unique vending machines around Jacksonville. We are proud to also offer delivery options servicing Northeast Florida.

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Bait Til lates vending machine saved my fishing trip!!!! While loading the boat we realized we forgot the fishing bait. We instantly drove back to a bait shop we had recently passed to our surprise it was closed. This was a huge disappointment until my son started googling nearby shops and we found Bait Til Late’s vending machine. We figured why not this is our only option. However, it was an absolute blessing. The vending machines were completely stocked with every type of bait we were looking for and more. It was easy, convenient, and affordable. I will be a returning customer.


Jackie F

BEST VENDING MACHINE IN JAX. I noticed it when I was at Fort George island Marina gassing up my boat. I was able to load up on extra bait before my boat was filled. Awesome vending machine idea!!!!


Melissa P

I just wanted to say thank you to Bait Til Late for having your vending machine at the marina I frequent often. I usually have my bait before hitting the marina, but I happened to need a few more things, since I brought a couple other people with me to fish. Had been wanting to try the vending machine out, but was hesitant on whether the bait would be spoiled from being in a machine. I am very happy to report that your bait was cold & fresh, so the machine is doing a great job! Your bait machine ensured we had enough bait & we had a great day of fishing on the water! We caught 13 total, & now that I know this machine is reasonably priced, & gives good quality fishing bait, I will help spread the news! Not sure if you all have any other locations where these are set up, but if not, you should definitely add more. What an awesome idea & super convenient for customers! Thank you!